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One Touch Can Opener Review October 26, 2009

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One Touch Can Opener is a completely automatic and hands free but is it really any better than a regular automatic can opener? Being a kitchen gadget freak myself, I was curious if it lived up to the infomercials claims.

Does the One Touch Can Opener really work?

Infomercial Claims

Just put the One Touch on top of the can then slide the lip of the can into the One-Touch notch and press the button.
No sharp edges after cutting.
Magnet holds onto the lid for easy disposal.

One Touch Can Opener Put to the Test

In a number of different video reviews I noticed that it works reasonally well. The problem is that most consumers seem to have problems with it a week or two later. Here are the results.

  1. It didn’t work well on industrial sized cans.
  2. They found that it worked best on cans smaller than 50 ounces.
  3. Not intended for use on cans without rims or odd corners.
  4. A bit on the slow side compared to other can openers.
  5. The magnet doesn’t always pick up the cans lid up.
  6. It struggles with dented cans and you may need to give it a shove to get it back on the can.
  7. If the can is larger and hasn’t finished opening the entire can before it gets to the end, you can hit the button again. It will continue cut around the can for another 20 seconds and then automatically shuts itself off.
  8. You’ll spend alot on replacing the batteries. Some reports of it dieing after the first 2 weeks of operation.
  9. Some reports of the One Touch stalling on the can before it went all the way around. Also it was impossible to remove it.

One Touch Can Opener works for some but not all. If you want to take a chance on this item you may want to buy it in stores that sell As Seen on TV products such as Walmart, Walgreens  or Bed Bath and Beyond. Then you can return it easily if something goes wrong.


Tater Mitts Mislead Consumers With Their Infomercial August 2, 2009

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Tater Mitts are those giant plastic  gloves with blue aquarium rocks stuck to the bottom. I’m sure you know which ones I mean. They’re marketed as such a great time saver but are they really?

Do Tater Mitts Really Work?

Do Tater Mitts Really Work?

Tater Mitts Claims

  1. Rub your hands over a potato and in a eight seconds flat you’ll have a perfectly peeled potato.
  2. They’re suppose to protect you from nicks and cuts you’d get from a standard peeler.
  3. You take off less of the potato skin and waste less of the potato.

Issues With the Gloves

  • Since you have to parboil the potatoes first before scraping the skins off it actually takes more time to peel a potato. Now you have to wait 5 minutes for the spuds to boil and clean up a dirty pot.
  • You have to take the potato eyes out with a knife since the gloves can’t do that.
  • The gloves are really large which makes them awkward to use.
  • The rocks on the gloves gets embedded into the potato.
  • The gloves smell really weird – something like a new car smell. Nice!
  • After your done taking the skins off its hard to get the potato peel out from between the gravel.
  • It ends up being a big waste of water since you have to keep it running or else the peel will clog up the gravel in the gloves.

Tater Mitts are somewhat of a joke and definitely mislead consumers with their infomercial. Let’s just stick to our traditional peelers!


Smart Lidz – Do They Work as Advertised? June 21, 2009

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Smart Lids are supposed to help us cut down on using Saran Wrap and keep our food fresh. They are basically plastic lids with space-age polymer plastic that seal your food by pressing them onto bowls, cups and cans. Have a look at this video review and a summary of the pros and cons of Smart Lids.

Good Points

  • Saves on aluminum foil and Saran Wrap.
  • It actually does give an air tight seal and keeps your food fresh.
  • Here is what you need to do. After you press down once,” directions say, “to lock out any additional air, lift tab for a second while pressing down.”
  • Lives up to the claim of being able to lift 7 lbs of weight.
Smart Lids aren't really that smart!

Smart Lids aren't really that smart!

Bad Points

  • Most users found that they wanted more large lids in the set. There’s only one per set.
  • You can’t fill a bowl right up to the top. When you go to press down on the plastic the food is in the way.
  • The right sized lid for a square container does not seal properly.
  • When you use a lid one size bigger there is a problem. Now you have a super big lid on a smaller sized container. You may not want to use all your fridge space up with this big lid taking up so much space.
  • The instructions aren’t clear as to how to get the lid to seal the container, or to remove the lid properly.
  • The lids don’t hold up over the long term and tend to loose their shape.
  • The lids don’t work in the microwave as claimed. They tell you to put the lid loosely on the container. What happens is that the plastic balloons out when being microwaved and shrinks when the microwave stops. The plastic is now warped and ruined.
  • There are many complaints from people who have ordered this product on the phone or online. The complaints are mostly from up sell or high pressure tactics to get you to buy more. There is also excessive shipping charges. I cannot speak for all as seen on TV products though. I am speaking about this particular item.
  • The vendor claims that if the lids gets stretched or that you can run it under water to restore the lid. Even after several tries you can not get the lids to restore to their previous state.
  • You can’t really stack your containers in the fridge. Once the lids are on, the stack of containers are wobbly.

Smart Lidz work but there are some major issues. Who needs the hassle? I personally want to stick with Saran Wrap or some really good vacuum tight containers.


Debbie Meyer Green Bags Put to the Test June 15, 2009

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Debbie Meyer Green Bags have been getting lots of mixed reviews. It could be the fact that all produce stays fresher longer in the bags but to varying degrees. Have a look at this unbiased video review they did on the Green Bags.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags Review

Debbie Meyer Green Bags Review


  • To varying degrees the fruits and veges were was fresher and firmer in the Debbie Meyer Green Bags.
  • You’ll have time to eat all your produce before it goes bad.
  • Reasonably priced at $10 for 20 bags.
  • You can clean and reuse the bugs  to 10 times.
  • The aging process is slowed up to 10 times but produce will still naturally break down over time.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags Helpful Tips

  1. Dry your produce and put each type of produce in separate bags.
  2. Some produce doesn’t belong in the fridge such as pears, peaches, nectarines and bananas. They just get all mushy even in the Green Bags. Everyone knows that right? 🙂
  3. Twisties aren’t meant to be used with Green Bags. Also don’t seal the bags tight. The bags are only meant to seal air out loosely so just fold the bag top over to close.
  4. Don’t put cut up pieces of produce in the bags. The bags end up absorbing the flavor out of your cut up produce.

Slap Chop Put to the Test in This Video Review May 25, 2009

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Slap Chop is one of the hottest new kitchen gadgets on the market. It’s suppose to help you save time by not having to drag out the kitchen cutting board. I’ve watched a few video reviews and the results are all mixed. I honestly believe that it all comes down to the technique that you use.

Does the Slap Chop really work?

Does the Slap Chop really work?

Have a look at how Jack Scalfani uses his Slap Chop. The food that has the most problem is when it’s soft inside with a tough skin outside such as a tomato. In this review he tested the following…..

Celery, garlic, tomato, nuts, onion, and the free bonus cheese grater that’s included with your purchase. Also please note that some Slap Chop orders have been sent out without the plastic food guard piece. If you notice that yours is missing you can phone the company and I believe they should send one out to you for free.


As Seen on TV Kitchen Gadgets Created by Ron Popeil April 20, 2009

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Ron Popeil is the originator of As Seen on TV products. During the mid 1950s Popeil had his sites set on possibly advertising his products on TV.  In the 60s he started Ronco Teleproductions which led to the very first As Seen on TV website, Telebrands.

Creator of As Seen on TV kitchen products

Creator of As Seen on TV kitchen products

At the age of 21, Ron started advertising the AMAZING Chop-O-Matic: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to show you the greatest kitchen appliance ever made… all your onions chop to perfection without shedding a single tear.”The TV ads went over well and they couldn’t make Chop-O-Matics fast enough!

This is my favorite pitchline. They close in on Ron’s face and he says… “Everyone likes coleslaw – except Mother. She’s the one who’s got to make it on that old grater. Oh, the scrapes on her poor knuckles.”  My grandma even kept a Chop-O-Matic in her pantry.

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